Knocks from the Underground

“From the high-decibel wails of Tim Cuff’s vocal chords, it sounds as if at one point in his life he had wandered the mean streets of Russia, drinking heavily and composing theatrical numbers in his head. But somewhere along the line the locals failed to appreciate his sounds, so his muse turned towards sad themes and cheap drink with a joking front… Delightful to the ears.” 

My Old Kentucky Blog

"Brookyn’s Timatim Fitfit is one of the more intriguing projects I’ve come across this year, and despite the fact that he lacks the trademark mustache, I’m beginning to wonder if frontman Tim Cluff might not have been created from a rib of Franz Nicolay." 


"Madness and genius... Pay attention, Timatim Fitfit is a songwriter of complex but secure talent." 


"If great art is created by those who struggle, indie rock has suffered for a lack of suffering... So kudos to Timatim Fitfit for struggling a bit. In the same spirit of Jimmy “The Rent Is Too Damn High” McMillan, Fitfit has taken on 'the landlords' [with his song No How]"

"Best 5 Songs of the year.” 

The Bushwick Dream

"Equal parts haunting and catchy, these playful anxiety driven songs may require a Xanex after so many listens."

SF Reporter

"Upon listening you becoming aware of the thought put into each tune; it's a work so deceptively easy to hear, so brightly written, yet so oddly twisted at the same time, it grows clear this is a work of mad genius."