Timatim Fitfit - Livin' in the City

Starring: Angry Dan

Livin' in the City is TTFF's second video release from the 2017 album The Sugar Man.

Timatim Fitfit - Walking Cane

Featuring: Old Man Shorty!

Walking Cane is Timatim Fitfit's first release from their 2017 LP The Sugar Man. Featuring Old Man Shorty of Orphan Jane on Harmonica (and dancing!).

Timatim Fitfit - Curse You Red Baron!

Timatim Fitfit playing "Curse You Red Baron!" live on a roof in Bushwick, Brooklyn, New York City on August 26, 2011.

Video by (((unartig))) recordings ( 

Timatim Fitfit - Body of Hands 

Timatim Fitfit live at MOTR Pub in Cincinnati, OH 6/25/11

Performing: Tim Cluff - Piano/Vocals; Abi Wilensky - Violin; Or Zubalsky - Drums; Barry Reardon - Electric Guitar; Fernelly Sarria - Bass

Timatim Fitfit - No How (Axiom.3)

AXIOM.3 is an interactive dance performance augmented with projection mapping. The performance is controlled by the audience through a street organ, which is tracked via the PS3 Eye. The rotational speed of the street organ affects song tempo, dancing and visuals. By this both audience and dancer influence each other in their actions and create an unique outcome. Projection mapping on stage design and dancer. The mapping on the dancer is generated in realtime with a kinect camera. Everything in realtime. All done in vvvv with three computers, three projectors, kinect and ps3 camera. Dancer: Liv Hayde 

Timatim Fitfit - Maggie's Farm (Bob Dylan Cover)

Knitting Factory, Brooklyn 5/17/11 Timatim Fitfit covers Bob Dylan's Maggie's Farm at the Knitting Factory's: Royal Albert Hall Revue.

Game of Thrones Theme: Fans Demand More Dinklage

Concept & Guest Appearance by Tim Cluff

Want a free mp3? message Daniel Koren "I Want Dinklage" at and get a free link. Directed & Edited by Daniel Koren  Produced by Evyatar Gour

1000 Little Girls - Orphan Jane

Written by Tim Cluff

Music Video created by BH Master Class. Directed by Bruce Dorn.

Orphan Jane: Tim Cluff - Accordion; Caitlin Featherstone - Trumpet; Jessica Underwood - Vocals; Dave Zydallis - Mandoline; Bob Desjardins - Bass.